FT Corsair - Release!

by FliteTest | February 25, 2019 | (28) Posted in How To


A new Flite Test kit has just landed: the FT corsair is here and ready for action. 

If you're a fan of our kits, you'll love this new foam board warbird. You'll also be pleased to hear it's the first in a new line called the 'Master Series'. You've been asking for more advanced builds, and we've listened. 

Order your Corsair kit!

The kit is out now in the Flite Test Store. Get your Corsair right here.

In Flight

Just look how scale this thing is in the air. 

Even in our standard Flite Test foam, it's a thing a beauty. We're very proud of it and hope you're as impressed as we are at what foam board can do!

Foam board is really the best way to get into RC warbirds. It's light, meaning you have low wing loading and forgiving stall tendencies, and can take a hit. It takes the intimidation out of the whole game. 

Using techniques pioneered by many in the FT community, and especially in this instance by John Overstreet, this plane uses new molding methods to smooth curves and contour lines. Evolving our fold and glue techniques used for many years, this is another step forward for foam models. It's "mold together" rather than "fold together".

The result of these new methods is a new level of scale realism. The curves of the Corsair have been faithfully recreated whilst easy flying characteristics have been retained.

The new foam board methods in this Master Series build will be carried over to future Flite Test models. Building a Corsair, therefore, will equip you with the skills needed for next level aircraft.

Building a Corsair will add valuable experience to your RC airplane building skill set. 

The Real Warbird

The real F4U Corsair is, of course, a bit of a legend. It was operated as a carrier-based aircraft for most of its use during World War 2, resulting in some of its unique looks. It entered service in large numbers with the U.S. Navy in late 1944 and early 1945 and soon became the most formidable fighter-bomber on the Pacific theater. 

Build Video 

Here's how to build your brand new Corsair. Get your build materials in order and let Josh and John take you through it. 

Order Today

The Corsair is now in stock! Be one of the first to get your Flite Test FT Corsair (1168mm) Kit.

Download the Free Plans: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?resources/ft-corsair.62/

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: [email protected]

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/projectairaviation 


Jackson T on February 25, 2019
Nice plane. Are the plans available yet?
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FliteTest on February 28, 2019
They will be available in the next few weeks :)
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SQUATLOBSTA on February 28, 2019
Sweeeeet....the sooner the better boys , spring is about to spring ya know..
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IrreversibleExtents on March 1, 2019
Flyin' an F4U Corsair into the spring sunrise... Nothin' better.
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Bcool831 on March 9, 2019
I dont see my comments or review that I posted so will try again.
Better attention to detail in not deceiving the buyers is warranted. When first advertised and hyped the size was listed at 60”. Now the paperwork included has changed to 43”.
Oversight or not but just not so forthright in my eyes. Do better guys. Do better.
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royp on April 16, 2019
How about adding a P-38 to your master series? I'd be first in line to buy one! :o)
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Svenr85 on March 8, 2019
Cmon guys; Every time a plane is anounced i’m amazed of how many people arent willing to read through an article that took so much time to prepare and just see the picture of the plane and go “I want it, i want it now!”
Please respect the fact that flitetest put in the effort; gives you the chance to buy a kit in the first few weeks and then as per their anounce release the plans a few weeks after the launch..
You want it now? Buy the kit and otherwise be patient and thankful that a few weeks after they will release (free!) plans and read the article before asking the same question over and over..
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KarlBorman on March 31, 2019
Just a note, Flitetest may want to check the plans that got posted. The fuselage formers do not fit the fuselage skin parts. Most of them even when cut with much precision are too large to wrap the skin around. Not by a little bit either. By almost the width of the foam all the way around. I have a ton of time into the fuse, and am basically going to have to start over. I checked the scale and I printed everything on a large commercial plotter full scale plans and the scale is right on. The formers are just too large. I think I will reprint the plans for just the formers and scale them down to about 90% and see if that works.
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jfuhr on February 25, 2019
What a great looking plane! It looks so good, I can hardly wait to build it.

Thanks John for this plane, and FliteTest for all the great content!
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Ran D. St. Clair on March 1, 2019
Foamboard is great quick builds and beginners, but it is often pretty ugly, but this one is not half bad. Also, most old school balsa and glow warbirds fly like a brick with a death wish. This one flies much better. Finally, I am glad to see people understanding the concept of visual scale speed. You have to fly smooth and in light winds or it breaks the illusion, but at least you can, and you can also safely jerk it around if you want. Good job!
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SEALTY on March 3, 2019
I so excited about learning new techniques in foam building. Thanks Flight Test.
I love the Corsair and i look forward to building this..
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Razor7177 on February 26, 2019
Looks great guys, you guys should do the wooden wonder, De Havilland mosquito.
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FliteTest on February 28, 2019
I'd love that!
- James.
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kvree4 on March 25, 2019
Just finished the wings on this bad boy and my creative juices are flowing. I'm thinking a zero in the same scale. Talking a new level of combat. Perhaps a Stuka and a Spitfire? The process looks to translate perfectly to WW2 warbirds. Great job on this one!
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HammerDown on March 28, 2019
You guys really opened up a can of worms here. This plane is so freakin awesome.....You KNOW we are going to expect to see the Mustang, Spitfire, A10, etc, rebuilds. How about a P-38? Until then, I'll enjoy building the Corsair. Excellent work gentlemen.
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naborsmt on May 13, 2019
I will definitely be building one! So excited!!!
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Dave B on February 26, 2019
Wow! It looks amazing.
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swizera on March 1, 2019
would love to see a ww2 biplane

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Kevinjt4 on March 1, 2019
The package says 60.5" wingspan on the sheet but with an 1168mm size which is 45.9 inches? Based on the photos shown I guess its 1168mm and not 60.5" wingspan? Can you verify?
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Adman on March 5, 2019
Do they have the plans up yet
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Rairighd on March 9, 2019
I found it by
Clicking on FT Legacy build
Click on FT Legacy (FoundersPlane)
Scroll to the bottom to “More from Flight Test”
Click on FT Corsair
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NYCBobby on February 26, 2019
You've taken foam building techniques to a new level. I can't wait to build one, it looks and flies so beautifully. It even looks awesome in the brown color of the foam.
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SQUATLOBSTA on February 28, 2019
I love it , I want to build it ...ahem...(with all the electronics from my crashed ft mustang)...now please. Is there a pdf with plans yet?
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skins_12 on March 9, 2019
Awesome job on this plane guys. Do you guys think it would be possible to cut out the canopy and make a 3d printed cockpit.
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njacobs on April 15, 2019
Flite Test may want to review the wing top/spars/ribs in the posted plans. I Printed the plans in "A" size pieces and am building the wing in 4 pieces and will join later with small V pieces of 1/8" ply, after sanding the ends on a table "a la Josh's Versa wing build style". I'm building them flat side down first. (Too hard to join two curved wings without leading edge straight reference). After I cut out bottom and spars, I placed a paper wing top curved over the assembly. It was short chord-wise, and the holes don't align it properly on the spars either. I just removed those. The root for my main wing part is 16mm high on front spar, 14mm on the back. Wing tip end is 10mm and 7mm respectively. I probably removed about 4-5mm off the top of both spars, a bit more off the rear spar as it needs to be thinner than the front one. The spars are about 4mm short too. So it seems that If you don't cut the spars/rib formers down then the wing is too thick and way out of proportion. I'm working on the rest of the build this week and taking lots of pictures and will post a "How To" build this way if anyone is interested.
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Peter Thiessen on July 11, 2019
and i love youre videos thanks

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Radianspa on March 7, 2020
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ironmannc750x on June 13, 2020
Spam much????

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penthane on August 14, 2020
A new Flite Test kit has just landed: the FT corsair???
I've built an FT Corsair some 4 yrs ago. It's worn down and doesn't fly great anymore cause of all the hot glue repairs, but it's still hanging on my ceiling. Plans from this site. So whats new?
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mikedavid on November 4, 2019
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Unkle Bilge on February 9, 2020

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FARLEYS on May 29, 2020
Is there readable build instructions for the corsair, or is it just video instruction
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ironmannc750x on June 13, 2020
Nope just the video. I know it's a lot of start and stop, but it's worth it. It fly's very well
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ironmannc750x on June 13, 2020
Nope just the video. I know it's a lot of start and stop, but it's worth it. It fly's very well
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Peter Thiessen on July 11, 2019
Hello Guys do you send to mexico cuz im from Mexico and i really like to buy some stuff.
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Repko24 on December 27, 2019
Why do you only sell foam board in packets. It would be better if you could choose the quantity of boards.

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Goodey on January 20, 2020
Love it looks amazing
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Daelke on February 17, 2021
The plans were always here. However nobody actually spent any time looking for them. READ ON!.....
https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?resources/ft-corsair.62/ READ ON! [Copy-Paste]
>>>>>>>>>Top right click on the DOWNLOAD BUTTON.<<<<<<<<<<<
Your Welcome
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SimplySavage on June 29, 2021
Does anyone have plans for the 737 Corsair plans…. I crashed mine and need to rebuild the wing. Can’t find plans anywhere🤷🏻‍♂️ They disappeared….
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Samantha123 on August 19, 2021
C47 template pdf

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mantrabodyspampl on August 26, 2021
Thanks for sharing.....

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jinnjinn on November 6, 2021

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gavilan1965 on December 16, 2021

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FT Corsair - Release!