Incredible Aviation Sculptures by John Overstreet

by FliteTest | November 23, 2018 | (4) Posted in Just Fun

This week on the Flite Test Community Spotlight, we're taking a look at John Overstreet's creations.

Every now and then, we see a particular scratch build or creation made by a community member that simply blows us away. This week, it's the work of John Overstreet who makes magnificent metal sculptures of famous warbirds and jets. He's also recently started building with foam since a recent visit to Flite Fest Ohio. Here's his work. 

See more on Instagram @_core_art_ and @trieditathomeoffical for lots of "foam board aircraft shenanigans".

Here's a Spitfire John put together. Each model takes weeks or months of painstaking work. 

Generally, each plane is completely different. Many are made as aviation ornaments for clients. 

You can gather an appreciation for the sheer size of the sculptures, along with just how accurate they are, when you see images of John working on his Instagram. You can follow his work there. 

Here's a model of an Intruder made from foam board. You can see that John has used some of the same techniques from his metalwork experiences on the foam to create an accurately contoured appearance. It's a world away from some of the beginner models we produce for the FT Store, yet still uses the same foam and spirit. Without wanting to take anything away from John's talent, it's encouraging to know that (in theory) we could all use foam to build models like this one. 

Here's a seemingly complex yet beautifully simple swing-wing mechanism for an EDF jet. 

Here's an F-15 powered by two motors cleverly hidden by the drop tanks. This provides a ton of airflow over the tail surfaces. 

This unique looking seaplane is just one of many interesting concepts. 

Check out this cute A-10! This thing would have looked great in our A-10 Vs. Tank episode of the show. We could have pitted it against micro ground vehicles!

We clearly have some very talented creators and designers in our community - and we love to share their work. If you want to show John some support and follow his projects, go ahead and check out his Instagram here

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MiniacRC on November 23, 2018
John is seriously awesome! Looking forward to his all-metal B25!
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Incredible Aviation Sculptures by John Overstreet