The Show

Jun 4, 2022 | Runtime: 12:26 |

Our favorite everyday action cam, the awesome Insta360 GO 2: Get Full feature custom PCB prototyping , CNC machining and 3D print services plus much more with our PCB partner PCBWAY: Today we take our newest crazy creation and test it through FIRE..... Literally! The FT millennium Flerken is our new Star wars inspired creation that is built for speed and extreme maneuverability. Just like the Millennium Falcon doing the kessel run in 12 Parsecs, We are going to be using our fans, pallets, and a bunch of Eco flows to make a fire tornado worthy of the task. Flite Test LINK TREE: Click here to subscribeâ–º Become a Member â–º Get cool badges and emojis!â–º Our go to for Pilot training and Drone education! Pilot Institute: EcoFlow: Live Without Limits - Portable Eco-Friendly Power where you need it most! Our Go To For Hotwire Foam Tools and Accessories! Hot Wire Foam Factory: Use code "FLITETEST" for 5% off tools and accessories! Check out the awesome lulzbot printers - Follow us on Social Media!!!!!! Instagramâ–º @flitetest Facebookâ–º Twitterâ–º @flitetest Follow the team on the Instagramsâ–º @flitetestjb @stefanohyea @bixlernoah #FliteTest #ItFlies #Crazy EPISODE MUSICâ–º David Cutter Music - @dcuttermusic