A Guide to Master Series Build Techniques

by FliteTest | February 26, 2019 | (12) Posted in Tips

New build techniques are here, so here’s some info on the methods used to build an FT Corsair.

Who wants to build a Master Series kit? We do! To get you in the mood for a challenge, here is a straightforward guide to some of the skills you’ll pick up when building the brand new FT Corsair

Forming Foam

Removing paper from one side of your foam board allows you to curve it. This de-lamination process exposes the raw white core which can be pressed against a hard angled surface, such as the edge of a table, which crushes the foam and forms the foam into a rounded shape. It's a great skill to master.

Creating Tubular Fuselages

To infuse more realism in our FT designs, we’ve started to integrate methods that make it easy to create rounded, contoured fuselages that mirror real life airplanes. Although ‘boxy’ planes are easier to build, there’s nothing quite like the curved lines of a warbird like the Corsair. 

Using Formers

Formers are used to give the fuselage both shape and strength. For a project where Alex uses formers in a scratch built airplane, to show you how you can make rounded fuselages, check out this video.

Making Use of Tape

Tape can be used to hold your foam board in place as it dries. An example of where you might need this is on a wing.

You're probably going to want to invest in several rolls of quality tape. Check out the Flite Test Store to help you find some. 

Advanced Shapes

Using multiple shapes of foam glued into sub-assemblies, you can relatively easily form compound shapes like the cowling of the FT Corsair. It requires some precision, but the results are well worth it. 

Integrating Traditional Build Techniques

Powerpod type assemblies with traditional A and B folds are in no risk of going away anytime soon. In fact, they work in parallel with the more advanced techniques of creating rounded fuselages and contoured curves to establish strong mounting points for your motor and other electronics. On the Corsair, for instance, you have a square 'powerpod' which glues into the cowling to create a motor mount. 

Corsair Build

Check out the full build video of the FT Corsair. To find out more about the Corsair, check out this article. 

Order your FT Corsair kit today!

Are you excited about these newly introduced build techniques? Let us know what plane you would love to see recreated in foam in the comments down below!

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: [email protected]

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/projectairaviation 


crashman on February 27, 2019
I sure would like to see a very rarely modeled ww2 warbird "the british mosquito" something in a 46" span would be nice!
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Azcarbum on February 28, 2019
Here's one off the wall... Ho-229
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Whistlinginthedark on March 4, 2019
I couldn't be happier as the corsair is not only my all time favorite, it's also one of the best looking on the ground and in the air. Perfect.
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Brett_N on March 4, 2019
How about the P-38 Lightning hanging on the wall in the video :-)

+1 for a Beech Staggerwing. I'm in the process of building the Beech 18 at the moment.
+ 1 for the Sopwith Camel
+3 for an ME262
+10 for a Stuka in the ~40 inch size?
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TJFlyer on March 7, 2019
I would love to see you come up with a P-38. In my mind it is one of the most beautiful looking planes from WWII. I’d love to have one to fly around especially for my kid.
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RodgeyD on March 1, 2019
Firstly guys , Corsair looks brilliant.
My choice would be

Hawker Typhoon / Tempest
Sopwith Camel ( curve and straight folds )

But my most favourite and personally what I consider the best fighter / bomber of WWII The De Havilland Mosquito .
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Dr. Looping Looie on February 26, 2019
OK, you said we should tell you what planes we want to see.
There are so many allied warbirds around, Spit, P-51, F4U, P-38 which is coming soon, P-40...
I would love only one other allied warbird, the P-47 Thunderbold, but only as a Razorback.
BUT we need some German warbirds to fight them! For example BF-109 and FW-190, especially the Focke-Wulf has some really nice lines. A Stuka with sirens and bomb drop would be cool, or the Heinkel He-111, which also looks awesome.
But my favorite of all is the Messerschmitt Me-262, I mean its pretty much the only plane which is both a WWII warbird and a jet! You just cant get cooler! Its amazing shapes just scream to be realized as a FT Master model.
And the Germans had some interesting concepts, too, check out last years forum chellenge for example.
And I would also love a proper EDF powerpod! And an EDF F-22 with thrust vectoring, an Sr-71 Blackbird and the Star Wars X-Wing would be cool!

So that was my wishlist. I hope you take some inspiration from it.
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CarolineTyler on February 28, 2019
Err......what about the Gloster Meteor - UK jet of WW2?
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FliteGreg on March 1, 2019
Using the same smooth bending techniques, we can build "not boxy" planes... And I think the last thing we need is another "too common" US warbirds...

So how about a nice Zero, or a FW190A?
Or how about a v-tail Beechcraft Bonanza?
Or a nice biplane like the CR42 or a classic Staggerwing?

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David Rajchman on May 6, 2019
i would love to see the P38
but we need planes from other countries, like zero or the fw-190
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Whistlinginthedark on March 6, 2019
Okay, I'll second the p38. That would be an awesome plane for these techniques!
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TJFlyer on March 7, 2019
I’ll third the P-38!
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K.H.70 on March 21, 2019
This build video got me quite exited, with the more scale like fuselage and all. And wanting to support FT, with my limited budget, I decided to buy the FT powerpack C v2 to power a scratchbuild of it, seeing that Josh Bixler have promoted it wey well imo.
Was a little bit dissapointed when I recieved the powerpack, when I disscovered the motor included was only 2-3s rated, when the motor Josh presented in the video with the powerpack was the Radial 2218B motor. Reading more closely on the included items for the powerpack, I realized I rushed my order as it is not the Radial 2218B motor that is included. Still dissapointed, but realize I should have been more vigilant reading product description before the purchase, so I accept the blame for my dissapointtment.
Probably would not have bought the powerpack had I realized, but I will still have a use for itjust feels bad having to spend another $29.99 if I want to uppgrade to a 3-4s motor.

All that aside, I love the FT concept and will continue to support FT within my capability.

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K.H.70 on March 21, 2019
Oh, and in regards to what planes I would like to see in a master class build, in adition to uppgrades on the existing warbirds, I would like to see a German and Japanese advesary planes.

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Mauricio Bertucci on August 28, 2019
Buenos días! me gustaría ver al Messerschmitt BF 109!!!
Y obvio, poder construirlo!
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Donald3468 on April 11, 2020
I would like to see the troop carriers come to life at Flitetest. The Douglas C-47A Skytrain is a very iconic warbird without it there would not have been no dropping troops behind the enemy's lines on D Day and no use for the 101st Airborne. ReplyDelete Comment ReplyDelete Comment

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A Guide to Master Series Build Techniques