How to Write an Article for Flite Test

by FliteTest | January 31, 2017 | (7) Posted in How To

As you may know, or may not know, Flite Test has a revamped website, which supplies hobbyists and professionals alike with a wide-array of RC knowledge. What we love about our website is that it is not only Flite Test that supplies this knowledge. It is community members like yourself (if you’re reading this, you are a part of the community!) who provide it as well. Because we desire all lovers of flight, from beginners to pros, to be able to understand and access this information, we wanted to give a few guidelines to follow in order to provide well-written content in our article section.

Before you can begin to submit articles, you need to become an author! Go to our main page and at the top, right-hand corner click “Register Now.” 

After you register, go to the “Article” page and that’s where you can apply the following tips below.

Pick a specific topic and stick to it

When choosing a topic, it is easy to do what someone has done in the past. Although we encourage you to share your specific experiences, which may be similar to what someone else has done, we love to see new and original ideas. Even if you are expounding on someone else’s design, that’s still creative and original! Just make sure you have permission from that person before doing so.

If you plan on doing a how-to (like this article!), it is important to show each step you took. It makes it easier for someone who wants to recreate your masterpiece! If you have a review, make sure you not only give the specs of the product, but also give your first-person perspective on it.

Don’t be too wordy because it’s unnecessary and distracts from the point you’re trying to get across… 

We know that some articles may have more words because of how in-depth a project was. However, if it was an easy build, a review, quick tips, etc., it is best to keep your word count to 250-350 words.

Spell check, Proofread and Edit

This is fairly self-explanatory. If you aren’t the greatest writer in the world, that’s okay! However, it’s encouraged to ask a friend that is well-versed in grammar to look over your article so that it is easy to read and is without error. Also, make sure your facts are straight.

Choose a catchy title

But not so catchy that it doesn’t even give an inkling into what you’re writing. Look at some old Flite Test articles for examples.

Use well-lit, in-focus images and videos


Not so great

Don’t over-do it. One high-quality image or video trumps 10 not-so-great quality ones. If you are using an image or video that is the intellectual property of someone else, first, ask permission to use and then, if you have permission, give them credit in the article. Also make sure the minimum width of your photos are 800 pixels.

Make your post look visually pleasing

In our article editor, you can use a variety of font sizes including: standard (for normal text), heading (for main subjects), subheading (for anything that falls beneath the main heading) and block quote (for any super important information you want people to know or remember). Font size and spacing should be consistent throughout your article.

We look forward to reading your articles! If you have any additional questions on how to make them shine, ask them below!


SP0NZ on March 9, 2017
Thanks for the great writing tips Malden. ;)
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crimsonfancy on March 9, 2017
Great stuff. Motivated to contribute as a noob, from a noobs perspective. Commutiny direction still growing more impressive and glad you guys aren't too intimidated to have a bright woman driving forward. ;-)
Awesome cast I watched tonight. Thanks for doin it right.
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JamesWhomsley on February 1, 2017
Great tips guys!
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ChandlerRC on March 14, 2017
Thanks for helping keep the site quality high. Good ideas presented in clear and interesting ways are irresistible! Welcome aboard, Megan!

-- Mike

PS: Sign your work, please. The FliteTest account includes a bunch of folks. We want to comment to the right person. Thanks!
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wanabeRCexpert on January 31, 2017
this explain a few things
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How to Write an Article for Flite Test