Giant RC Jet!

by IC Aeronautics | May 17, 2019 | (7) Posted in Just Fun

To the Flite Test Community,

The students of the Innovation Center Aeronautics program was at it again this time scaling up a build kit designed by Karson called the IC-35.  AT 250% bigger, the students had to dig deeper into the workings of thrust to weight ratio, wing loading, structure integrity with the material they had, and more! From start to finish the project was a blast and lots of great memories will be taken from this project.  The build started in Fall of 2018 where we had the community from our first open house begin to put the pieces together. It was then passed around until Brendan claimed it was his to finish.  Having no prior experience, Brendan had to learn it all very quick and at a much larger scale.  Brendan, along with the other students did a fantastic job, this project will go down in the books as on of best!

For more information about the Innovation Center Aeronautics Team and other programs please visit: 

Brendan working hard finishing up the aircraft for flight.

Giving the foam board a light sanding prior to painting helps the paint stick better!

Masking sections off to give us our paint scheme.

Our back paint job was unique in that we put a dark solid base color, threw trash on top top spray with a lighter color, from there you get a cool camo look.

The unveiling with all to see, all smiles!

It flew and it looked awesome!

Caleb feeling too comfortable decided to go epic and put the giant aircraft in roll.

Ouch, what a great memory!


NYCBobby on May 24, 2019
That was totally awesome. A very ambitious project that actually worked...hooray, these students are tremendous and so is your teacher.
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Poppy Ann on June 20, 2019
A great build keep up the good work.
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Hudgibl on May 17, 2019
Great Job!!!!!! Always love to watch and see what you guys are doing. I wish I could have studied this in school. I Probably would have enjoyed school more.. Keep up the good work and keep pushing the envelope.
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Giant RC Jet!