FT Edge - Release!

by FliteTest | July 11, 2018 | (26) Posted in Reviews


Our latest foam board airplane, the Edge, is a Red Bull Air Race inspired monster. Here's the low down on how it flies.

The FT Edge - it's power, it's performance, it's sheer foam board taken to an extreme level. Andres Lu, our interning mad designer here at Flite Test. If you're wanting to know more about how this thing goes together, along with what sort of specs to expect, you've come to the right place. 

Order an Edge kit here 

Flight Video

What are the specs?

Quite simply, the Edge is an absolute beast. Based on the full-scale Zivko Edge 540 V3, it has been designed to be a pure all-round aerobatic performer. 

In terms of your power setup, we recommend that you use a 425 sized 1000kv brushless outrunner. These can be found on our store in our Power Pack C. This gives you enough beef to pull off some serious moves whilst airborne. You'll also be needing a 10 x 4.5 prop (for a 3s) or a 9 x 4.5 (for a 4s), or else you won't be going anywhere!

You'll also be needing an ESC to go with your motor. If you're using the recommended setup, you're going to need to use at least a 30 amp. Again, you can pick up a complete Power Pack from our online store along with your kit. This way you'll receive all of the same electronics the Edge has been designed around. 

In terms of making your control surfaces work, you can choose to run either simple 9 gram or higher performance es3154 metal geared servos. Having this upgrade with lots of extra torque can be helpful when it comes to performing high-G maneuvers and that sort of thing. 

The all up weight of the plane, fully loaded with a battery all ready for takeoff, is just 1.5lbs (680g). Combined with Power Pack C, this provides a great power to weight ratio. Unlimited vertical? No problem. Soon enough, you'll be somersaulting and back flipping your way through the air. As you might imagine, this airplane is quite the head turner. 

What sort of performance can you expect?

There are three directions you can take your Edge in. The first one is pure 3D. Andres has set the bar extremely high by enabling the Edge to fly in much the same way as the top aerobatic RC planes out there. Axial rolls are a thing of beauty. As mentioned in the release video, the thrust line, wing and tail are all aligned with each other to produce crisp lateral authority. 

The second way you can setup your edge is to go full on Red Bull racer with it. You can upgrade the motor and ESC, dial down your throws and increase your expo to create an RC race plane worthy of the Edge name. With a good power system, you'll be hitting some serious speeds in no time. 

The third way to build an Edge is to go somewhere in between the first two options. Like all of our designs here at Flite Test, you can customize to your heart's desire. You can squeeze some decent speed out of the airframe whilst having enough aileron, elevator and rudder authority to pull of some snap rolls, wing overs and occasional back flips. 

Is this plane for you?

The Edge may look intimidating, but like all our planes it can be made by anyone with some practice and patience. You can follow our upcoming build video step-by-step to assemble one from a kit in just three to four hours. 

This is a great intermediate plane. As a four-channel, it's probably best if you have flown one other four-channel airplane before this one to get used to banking and yanking along with carrying out coordinated rudder turns. This way, the extreme throws of the edge won't throw you off too much. 

If you want to grab one of these as a kit from our store, head on over there with this link. 


We can't wait to see you put one of these together, so we're releasing the build video right now along with the release of the kit. Free plans for this model are coming soon! 

Before you know it, you'll have an FT Edge in the sky. Be sure to share your experience with us through the FT Forums, Facebook page or by writing an article of your own. We'd love to hear about all of the crazy flights you have with these airplanes!

Order your own FT Edge speed build kit today! 

Download the Free Plans on our Forum: http://bit.ly/2MmD4fD

Helpful Resources!

Landing gear kit

3D printed wing tips and landing gear fairings

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

[email protected]


Instagram @jameswhomsley 


Sdqaero on July 12, 2018
Guys,do you know...?when the free plans of this edge gona be realese....
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awsomeness62 on July 24, 2018
Yea who knows.
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drewbuckley on August 9, 2018
And foam building comes of age. Nice.

Any ETA on the plans?
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udo789 on July 11, 2018
Let this be the beginning of a new phase for FT.
Andres' design is clever, innovative, and easy to build. Yes there are more pieces, but they all fit together so smoothly and seamlessly.
This is a new direction in the design/build process that FT should espouse.

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jtuttle11 on December 5, 2018
In the process of building my edge, watched the build video over and over. I think I noticed 2 reinforcing sticks on the upper surface of the Horizontal stab in the video.
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toefymobile on July 12, 2018

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rcfiddy1 on July 11, 2018
Cant seem to find the plans.
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Jackson T on July 12, 2018
I'm pretty sure I heard Josh say they are coming soon in the video.
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Jayshultz on July 13, 2018

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Jayshultz on July 11, 2018
I can't seem to find scratch build plans for this. Will there be scratch build plans for it?

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Andretay on July 14, 2018
It is really excited for the FliteTest team to design, develop and launch the FT Edge Plane. An excellent job by the Team.

I would like to give a challenge to the team to consider on a possibility to extend the WingSpan to 55” - 65” running under 4S or 6S LiPo battery, which a bigger Plane will be able to fight the windy weather better as well as a more stable flight.

FliteTest team has entered into a new phase of development and it will be a breakthrough if the FT Edge WingSpan can be extended.

Keep up the great job !
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Mr 3D on July 15, 2018
I agree. It would be cool to have a bigger one. I prefer slightly heavier planes because it seams at my airfield there is never no wind.
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timmyklus on July 18, 2018
awesome plane! for those of us that have laser cutters, can you also supply a .DXF of the cut files? this would save a lot of time post processing the .PDF plans given.

Thanks for making this community AWESOME! and pushing the envelope of DT foam board planes!
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Magnus on August 9, 2018
Where do I find the plans?
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cjspecial on July 14, 2018
Anyone else catch the new Official Flite Test "C" motor? Just ordered the speed build kit and was hoping to get the new motor... Guess it's not available yet.
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bperc on July 29, 2018
I was hoping they would tell us what motor Andres was using in the video too. I'm happy to have the plans. Maybe when I finish building it they'll announce the new C motor.
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awsomeness62 on July 24, 2018
how soon will the plans be coming out.
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Adman on July 24, 2018
Still waiting on the plans any idea when I don't think they even read these
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AlbertTheQ on July 11, 2018
Ooh yeah, these builds are getting better and better with every one! It's almost like a balsa kit, but better. This will be a challenge to scratch build, can't wait for the plans.
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gofaster72 on July 25, 2018
This looks to be one of your most complicated builds as yet. I am eagerly awaiting the plans for this high performer to be posted. To get a show type finished one is no doubt going to take some time and patience. Not a question in my mind that this would be a very satisfying project.
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Ariel.AQT on July 18, 2018
Para cuando los planes😢😢😢😢
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DKchris on August 6, 2018
I've seen Stefan wear a helmet once (I think while riding the monowheel board or whatever that's called?). Someone needs to 3D print a GoPro mount for that. And get him a pair of protective gloves and glasses.......please? Prop cuts are no fun.

Edge looks and looks to fly amazing! Great work Andres!

What is the span? I am considering building a 130% or maybe 150% scaled up variant from 6mm Depron with Either tape or film covering; It would most likely have even lower wing loading. The motorized 130% Depron FT planes I've built so far (Spit, Mustang) have been able to fly just fine with the same size motor setup as your 100% ones, as they basically had about the same AUW with almost twice the area. If a, say, 150% one would fit within a 2x2m box size, it might be just the thing for a really affordable aerobatic entry class. The local national F3A competition board is currently cooking up something like that, to try and get more people interested in the sport. Same principle goes for 3D, of course. Not all are equally fond of competing, but I've found to be great for learning fast, even if you finish last most times, as you learn from your opponent's advice as well as from taking more chances on doing unknown stuff than you usually would, and the prep for a competition gives for a good "push" on learning new skills and setting time aside for it........

Oh, and the idea of also offering the DXF files? Big 1+ from over here!
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DKchris on August 8, 2018
Found the Sp0nz link.....40" span. Thanks for keeping the list Sp0nz! Definitely a must have link.
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Svenr85 on July 12, 2018
Nice one👍, i can only imagine how much work went into the conversionithingy from 3D model to 2D. might be a good idea for a tutorial?(or not)
I’m kind of hesitant of not putting a spar richt down the middle of both winghalves, was this left out on purpose?

Thanks guys; love the way you are all keeping the hobby affordable and fun👍

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CptCrazyFingers on July 12, 2018
Svenr85, with how small (chord wise) the folded portion of the airfoil looks I doubt the spar is needed. That doesn’t mean their isn’t one though. I made a symmetric wing for the design I’m entering into this contest and my spars were very thin in order to keep the wing thickness right. At the tip of the wing my spars are only 0.2 inches thick. At that point, the bead of glue holding it in is a better spar. I’ll probably remove them in the next iteration. When you think about it, the spanwise folds in the wings are doing the same thing a spar does (just not as well). It increases the 2nd moment of area by adding more material between the outer surfaces and the centroid of its cross section. This makes it more resistant to bending.
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CptCrazyFingers on July 12, 2018
I should have stressed that the increase in distance between the outermost surface of the airfoil and the centerline is how the folds would increase the wing’s resistance to bending. A spar adds material and increases this distance which is why it works better, but either of these works better than having one flat surface on the bottom of the wing.
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Svenr85 on July 13, 2018
I think i misexplained myself😅;
In all the other designs and planes i have owned they put a rod or piece of wood connecting the wings to minimize the chance of the wings just snapping in half. There doesnt seem to nee one here; thats what seems strange to me..

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CptCrazyFingers on July 13, 2018
I’m sorry, are you referring to a spar that joins the two wing halves? I can’t say I have seen that on any of the FT scratch builds I have done. Usually the wing halves are held together with tape, hot glue, and the body of aircraft. I guess we could check out the build video to see what was done for the wing construction.
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dave! on July 14, 2018
Is the optional, separate BEC available from the Flite Test Store?
(For reference: the BEC used in the build video at time = 24:00 minutes)
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gcok2010 on July 12, 2018
This one looks awesome, I will have to make one as soon as you release plans for it.
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admanbeek on July 16, 2018
What did you cover the foam board with on the red bull plane
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blevien on July 18, 2018
I love this community, and love that you guys post all the plans for free. I have made several of the models, and can do so because the cost is low to get started. I never would have jumped in otherwise, and now that I know I can fly with my junk drawer electronics, I will be upgrading and buying all my power packs from you.

I have been refreshing about 100x daily to see if the link is posted, can't wait to get started on this one!

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Abouttime67 on July 15, 2018
Were these planes painted and then decals applied? I would love to see a build video of this plane beyond construction to finished models like in the video. Or maybe you have a video of the kind of finish work done here that you can point me to...
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lukejackson on July 15, 2018
in this video you can see that they were painted (airbrushed?)
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Adman on July 18, 2018
If you look closer or zoom in on the the picture where the one with the red bull design is on the ground you can see it is covered in what looks like a wrap of some sort it has air bubbles under it
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Sam Hiatt on July 30, 2018
Where are the plans!!!
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ericemn on July 30, 2018
Sponz has them up:


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awsomeness62 on July 31, 2018
thanks bro. super exited
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dna108 on August 2, 2018
Thank you! Have been trawling the internet everyday. Looking forward to this build.
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simaobota on July 12, 2018
Will be plans for this dream plane ?
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lukejackson on July 13, 2018
did noone read the article? "Free plans for this model are coming soon! "
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Svenr85 on July 15, 2018
I think YouTube made most of lazy enough to no longer read an article and just look at the pretty pictures 😁.
It is however remarkable how many just dont put in 5 minutes to actually read.. sad really
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CMS_1961 on July 18, 2018
Great job on this design Andres!!! I ordered one and waiting for it to arrive. I will probably order another as a spare because I have never done 3D flying but want to learn and this is a good way to start!! I would really like to see a video on how you guys painted/decaled this plane. They look great!! I have an idea how it was done but would like to see you PROs show the technique and I believe others in this comment section were also interested. So when you guys get a chance.......
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Adman on July 21, 2018
When are you release the plans for the plane thanks
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[email protected] on July 26, 2018
I bought the plane the funny thing is is you got to sit there and Rewind the film on YouTube about 50 times to get it right I wish flight test would have instructions written instructions with pictures I really like flitetest stuff I stand by it when I tell out others to buy it but it does get frustrating trying to put it together.
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AverageJoe on March 29, 2019
Having some difficulty. After downloading the Tile B file, and opening in Adobe the sizing is incorrect. Pages 1-4 are fine but when you get to 5, which is the actual templates, they all show a document size of 15.0 x 10.5in and causes them to print incorrectly. I've followed all of the parameters as set by the print assistance article to no avail. Please advise as I'm excited to get this going. I commented on the forum as well with a screen shot of the print screen to show what I mean. Please help.
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marin6320 on March 1, 2019
Hi. I want to make this plane 150% and I have a problem.
when enlarging it with the acrobat reader, the folding space from 5mm to 7.5mm is also extended. Is there any way to fix it?
Thank you for this special plan !!!!! And thanks in advance for your answers.
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FT Edge - Release!