Rc Airboat Evolution

by Razor7177 | July 4, 2018 | (1) Posted in Projects

What I did was stuck a bunch of PVC pipes I had laying around the house. Why I'm not doin' a step by step tutorial is that this build isn't about following what I did, more like a guide to startup your imaginations. Just remember to test it in a kiddie pool before taking it to a lake or pond. I used a 3 channel radio, emax brushless motor(I'll update when I get home)-(its an emax xa2212 980kv motor) emax 25A esc, a 2200mA 3s lipo, and a 9x6 prop. 

This was how it started of.... (With this one I was running it on a 60A brushed ESC and motor, and 2x6 cell NiMH)
....and somewhere along the line  it turned into this beast. The steering is accomplished with thrust vectoring.

The outcome of the airboat can be seen here https://youtu.be/_X34jFgbiJc

Sorry if the video quality is bad filming and guiding my brother is no easy task. Hope you guys enjoyed it and inspired you to make your own versions.

Final product. This baby skips on he surface at half throttle, go full its short of flying.

Close-up on the thrust vectoring unit.


Razor7177 on July 9, 2018

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Rc Airboat Evolution