Foam Board TN ATR 72 1200mm

by fadicvb | July 4, 2018 | (6) Posted in Projects

well hello guys this is my second artitcle here first one was for the TN Cessna 420

This my lovely ATR 72 with a nice rounded fuselage pretty simple to build using 3mm foam board for the fuselage, nacell , wing mount , the wheels budge and 5mm foam for former, wing, vertical/horizental stabilizers

 i loove this plane im still going to design more turboprop passenger planes, i tried with the B737 but since i have only low C rating 3s batteries it didnt flew with my 55mm edfs so i abandoned it if you guys interested about it i may also post plans .(i recommend using depron for the fuselage skin 5mm depron)

so lets talk about this ATR all you need is here on this Video

i hope the video instructions is clear thats all i can do guys for you now i cant do a build video one A2 size foam board here cost 4$ and im just student

However you can build this plan aloot better than i did i built it in a hurry like i always do

i didnt maiden it yet guys many maybe know me and knows my story i cant fly only with a flight authority and i dont have yet , but sometimes i have access to a football field inside a high school near my house and go fly there and police cant see me there but that place is small and surrounded with building and trees and became a backyard for my planes, so im waiting for a flight authority but still i couldnt wait :p i tried to flight it flew for 3 seconds and crashed hhh motors torque tunrs it to the left so hard here is a video 

if any one want a bigger ATR 72 wingspan or smaller contact me on Facebook here Fadi Talmoudi

electronics i used:

BR2212 1400KV brushless motor

9 inch props

2200mah 30c  3S lipo battery

9g servos

30a ESC



if you guys want to donate me anything , you can help me on this hobby by buying for me and RC electronic and send it to my adress since paypal not available in my country if you want to do that i will really appreciated since RC electronics price in my country multiplied by 3 and donations from nice guys before what kept me to keep going

still many nice twin engine planes with rounded fuselage coming on the way like the DHC8-300 and douglas DC-3


tomh on July 25, 2018
looks great, too bad about the;s ok?
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jtuttle11 on July 6, 2018
I have found that it's not too difficult to make round or circular sections for fuselage, cowling or nacelle sections using a method of rolling and pressing a piece of square stock to give the foam a place to bend.

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fadicvb on July 7, 2018
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Gregah Ilmi on September 13, 2019
can i have my acces for
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Foam Board TN ATR 72 1200mm